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The international development statistics provide comprehensive data on the volume, origin and types of foreign aid and other resource flows from donor countries to recipient countries. It also provides comparative data on gender equality.

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The OECD-DAC Survey on forward spending plans is the only regular process that brings together most bilateral and multilateral aid spending plans up to 3 years ahead at the global level.

The Survey traces country programmable aid (CPA), a core subset of gross bilateral overseas development aid (ODA) and multilateral outflows essential for the support of development goals. Only the donors that have agreed to make their forward spending plans publicly available are included in the dataset.

These figures represent donors' future plans of CPA as reported to the OECD-DAC Surveys on donors' forward spending plans. They are donors’ current indicative planning figures, and do not represent firm commitments, but rather donors’ best estimates of future aid efforts. The figures can include both future spending of already committed, on-going aid projects and programmes, as well as estimates of future total country budget envelopes over the next three years. The total figures presented for each donor should therefore be taken as indicative and not misconstrued as obligations of any sort.

Also available in French
Keywords:  statistics, aid, financial assistance, international development
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