OECD International Development Statistics

2074-4161 (online)
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The international development statistics provide comprehensive data on the volume, origin and types of foreign aid and other resource flows from donor countries to recipient countries. It also provides comparative data on gender equality.

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Keywords: International Development, ODA, statistics, aid

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The objective of the CRS Aid Activity database is to provide a set of readily available basic data that enables analysis on where aid goes, what purposes it serves and what policies it aims to implement, on a comparable basis for all DAC members. Data are collected on individual projects and programmes. Focus is on financial data but some descriptive information is also made available.
Also available in: French

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    Aid activities

    This dataset comprises statistics on creditor report system with a core focus on aid activities. The table examines aid activities in terms of flows, recipient, region, income group, sector, policy objective, type of aid, rio markers, channel, purpose code and amount. The core purpose of this dataset lies in identifying policies it what policies aim to implement by analyzing where aid goes, on a comparable basis for all DAC members. Data are available from 1995 onwards.
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