DAC Guidelines and Reference Series

Evaluating Peacebuilding Activities in Settings of Conflict and Fragility
1990-0988 (online)
1990-0996 (print)
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This series present internationally-agreed policy guidelines and suggestions from the OECD Development Assistance Committee.
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    08 Nov 2012 Click to Access:  Evaluating Peacebuilding Activities in Settings of Conflict and Fragility
The guidance presented in this book provides step-by-step guidance on the core steps in planning, carrying out and learning from evaluation, as well as some basic principles on programme design and management.
    15 Mar 2012 Click to Access:  International Support to Post-Conflict Transition
This volume presents clear policy recommendations for better practice in order to improve the speed, flexibility, predictability and risk management of international support during post-conflict transition.
    08 Feb 2011 Click to Access:  Supporting Statebuilding in Situations of Conflict and Fragility
This book provides an internationally accepted conceptual framework for statebuilding, informed by today’s realities of conflict-affected and fragile situations.
    11 Mar 2010 Click to Access:  Quality Standards for Development Evaluation
This reference guide lays out standards for each phase of a typical evaluation process: from defining purpose, to planning, designing, implementing, reporting, and learning from and using evaluation results.
    27 Jan 2009 Click to Access:  Natural Resources and Pro-Poor Growth
Natural capital constitutes a quarter of total wealth in low-income countries. This publication demonstrates that natural resources can contribute to growth, employment, exports and fiscal revenues and highlights the importance of policies...
    16 Feb 2007 Click to Access:  Promoting Pro-Poor Growth
Focusing on pro-poor growth and income poverty, Promoting Pro-Poor Growth: Policy Guidance for Donors identifies binding constraints and offers policies and strategies to address them.
    10 Nov 2006 Click to Access:  Applying Strategic Environmental Assessment
This Guidance volume explains the benefits of using SEA in development co-operation and sets out key steps for its application based on recent experiences.
    10 Apr 2006 Click to Access:  Harmonising Donor Practices for Effective Aid Delivery, Volume 2
Following the first volume of good practices for effective aid delivery, this second volume focuses more specifically on good practice in providing budget support and support to sector-wide approaches.
    27 June 2005 Click to Access:  Managing Aid
This book, based on the experience of the DAC Member countries, examines how to manage foreign aid programs to acheive the best results.
    09 June 2005 Click to Access:  Environmental Fiscal Reform for Poverty Reduction
This DAC Reference Paper outlines key issues faced when designing Environmental Fiscal Reform (EFR). EFR refers to a range of taxation and pricing measures which can raise fiscal revenues while furthering environmental goals.
    31 May 2005 Click to Access:  Security System Reform and Governance
This publication underlines the positive role that the integrated reform of a country’s security system can play in stabilising fragile, conflict-prone or conflict affected states.
    14 Apr 2003 Click to Access:  Harmonising Donor Practices for Effective Aid Delivery
This book presents a set of practical steps related to harmonising donor practices that should significantly improve the effectiveness of development assistance.
    08 Apr 2003 Click to Access:  Poverty and Health
This book on poverty and health, jointly published by the OECD and WHO, sets out the essential components of a broad-scope "pro-poor" health approach for action within the health system and beyond it. It is for development practitioners in the area...
Previous titles published under:
The DAC Guidelines
    16 Sep 2002 Click to Access:  Integrating the Rio Conventions into Development Co-operation
These Guidelines demonstrate how development co-operation agencies can support developing countries’ efforts to integrate responses to the environmental threats into their national poverty reduction and development plans.
    29 Oct 2001 Click to Access:  Strengthening Trade Capacity for Development
These Guidelines help developing countries enhance their capacity to trade and participate more effectively in the international rule-making and institutional mechanisms that shape the global trading system. They also provide a common reference point...
    23 Nov 2001 Click to Access:  Strategies for Sustainable Development
This publication provides policy guidance on good practice in developing and implementing strategies for sustainable development.
    30 Nov 2001 Click to Access:  Poverty Reduction
The DAC Guidelines on Poverty Reduction provide practical information about the nature of poverty and best practice approaches, policies, instruments and channels for tackling it.
    16 Nov 2001 Click to Access:  Helping Prevent Violent Conflict
These Guidelines provide ways for donor governments to honour their commitment to conflict prevention as an integral part of the quest to reduce poverty.
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