Better Aid

Aid Effectiveness in the Health Sector
2074-3599 (online)
2074-3602 (print)
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This series of books examines strategies for making aid more effective.
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    13 Aug 2012 Click to Access:  Aid Effectiveness in the Health Sector
This report provides insight and expounds lessons from the health sector to the broader challenges of aid effectiveness.
    06 Mar 2012 Click to Access:  Aid Effectiveness 2011
This report sets out evidence of progress and challenges in making aid more effective.
    14 Dec 2010 Click to Access:  Evaluation in Development Agencies
The evaluation of official development programmes has grown tremendously over the past two decades; the public and taxpayers increasingly demand credible assessments of whether aid "works" to improve the lives of the world’s poorest. Global efforts ...
    03 Feb 2010 Click to Access:  Civil Society and Aid Effectiveness
This book is a resource for implementing the recommendations on civil society and aid effectiveness emerging from the Accra High Level Forum and its preparatory process.
    06 Aug 2009 Click to Access:  Improving Incentives in Donor Agencies (First Edition)
This publication addresses the need, as agreed in the Paris Declaration, for donors and partner countries to commit to strengthening incentives for their agencies to work toward harmonisation, alignment, and results.
    18 May 2009 Click to Access:  Managing Aid
This book outlines what individual donor countries are doing to fulfill their development co-operation ambitions and their part of international agreements.
    24 Mar 2009 Click to Access:  Managing Development Resources
This report takes stock of progress in strengthening public financial management systems and provides recommendations on how best to facilitate achieving the 2010 targets set out in the Paris Declaration.
    02 Feb 2009 Click to Access:  Aid Effectiveness
This report is a mid-term review of progress towards the 2005 Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness commitments, drawing on the 2008 Paris Declaration Monitoring Survey and the Evaluation Synthesis Report among many other sources.
    17 Nov 2008 Click to Access:  2008 Survey on Monitoring the Paris Declaration
Assesses progress in 55 developing countries and helps us understand the challenges in making aid more effective in advancing development.
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