DAC Guidelines and Reference Series

1990-0988 (online)
1990-0996 (print)
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This series present internationally-agreed policy guidelines and suggestions from the OECD Development Assistance Committee.
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Applying Strategic Environmental Assessment

Applying Strategic Environmental Assessment

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10 Nov 2006
9789264026582 (PDF) ;9789264026575(print)

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Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is one of the main tools available to achieve integration of the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes.  This Guidance volume explains the benefits of using SEA in development co-operation and sets out key steps for its application based on recent experiences. Twelve different entry points are identified for the practical application of SEA in development co-operation. For each entry point, the text provides a guidance note: a checklist of questions and hands-on case studies. Evaluation and capacity development for SEA processes are also addressed.
Also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Part I
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Understanding Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
Chapter 3. The Benefits of Using Strategic Environmental Assessment in Development Co-operation
Chapter 4. Towards Strategic Environmental Assessment Good Practice: Principles and Processes

Part II
Chapter 5. Applications of Strategic Environmental Assessment in Development Co-operation
-A. Guidance Notes and Checklists for SEA Led by Partner Country Governments
-B. Guidance Notes and Checklists for SEA Undertaken in Relation to Donor Agencies' Own Processes
-C. Guidance Notes and Checklists for SEA in Other, Related Circumstances (includes 21 Case Examples)

Part III
Chapter 6. How to Evaluate Strategic Environmental Assessment
Chapter 7. Capacity Development for Strategic Environmental Assessment

References and Bibliography

Annex A. Glossary of Terms
Annex B. Assessment Approaches Complementary to Strategic Environmental Assessment
Annex C. Analytical and Decision-Making Tools for Strategic Environmental Assessment
Annex D. Selected Sources of Information on Strategic Environmental Assessment

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