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National Accounts at a Glance 2014 Click to Access:
National Accounts at a Glance presents information using an "indicator" approach, focusing on cross-country comparisons.
Reconciling fiscal consolidation with growth and equity Click to Access:
Despite sustained efforts made in recent years to rein in budget deficits, a majority of OECD countries still face substantial public finance consolidation needs. While essential to avoid the disruption and large costs ultimately associated with ...


Harmonised unemployment rates Click to Access:
This table includes data on harmonised unemployment rates as percentage of civilian labour force, seasonally adjusted. The table is part of the key tables collection on economics.
OECD Economic Surveys: European Union 2014 Click to Access:
OECD's 2014 Economic Survey of the European Union examines recent economic developments, prospects and policies. A special chapter covers reinvigorating the EU single market.
New Evidence on the Determinants of Industrial Specialisation Click to Access:
Industrial specialization has important implications for economic performance; therefore, understanding its determinants is of key policy relevance. This paper quantifies the relationship between factor endowments, policies and institutions and patterns of industrial specialisation in...

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Did you know that International Mergers&Acquisitions investment in 2011 reached $822 billion?