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Employment and Skills Strategies in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom Click to Access:
This book explores how Northern Ireland is implementing labour market and skills policy and putting measures in place at the local level to stimulate quality employment, inclusion and growth.
Creating Fiscal Space for Investment by Sub-National Governments Click to Access:
Sub-national governments (SNGs) are key players for public investment in OECD countries, responsible for nearly two-thirds of it. At the same time, both the well-being of the population and economic performance depend on an adequate provision of public services, which require public facilities...


Employment and Skills Strategies in Ireland Click to Access:
Employment and Skills Strategies in Ireland focuses on the role of local employment and training agencies in contributing to job creation and productivity. This report looks at the range of institutions and bodies involved in employment and skills ...
Approaches to Metropolitan Area Governance Click to Access:
This paper provides an overview of country specific approaches to metropolitan area governance. It provides brief descriptions of the typical structures of metropolitan governance, with a particular focus on the involved organisations. It points out metropolitan areas that have unusual...

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Did you know that more than half of the global population (3.49 billion people) now lives in urban areas, a share that is expected to reach nearly 70% by 2050?