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The Economics of the Back End of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Click to Access:
This report offers an appraisal of economic issues and methodologies for the management of spent nuclear fuel and high-level waste from commercial power reactors.
Turkish nuclear legislation Click to Access:
Turkey’s current and future economic growth is estimated by OECD "to rise to above 3% in 2013 and, as the global recovery gathers strength, to pick up to 4.5% in 2014". The energy situation, particularly, in the electricity sector with supply from ...


Nuclear energy generation and nuclear power plants Click to Access:
This table includes data on nuclear energy generation and nuclear power plants. The table is part of the key table collection on nuclear energy.
Minor Actinide Burning in Thermal Reactors Click to Access:
This publication provides an introduction to minor actinide nuclear properties and discusses some of the arguments in favour of minor actinide recycling, as well as the potential role of thermal reactors in this regard.
Restructuring the Electricity Sector and Promoting Green Growth in Japan Click to Access:
The 2011 disaster and nuclear problems opened the door to a new energy policy, as they raised fundamental questions about the electricity system’s ability to prevent and respond to accidents. In particular, the system has had difficulty coping with the shortages caused by the accident and the...

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Did you know that NEA member countries account for approximately 85% of the world's installed nuclear capacity and that in the OECD area, nuclear energy represents almost 22% of the electricity supply?