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Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries Click to Access:
This publication identifies the main areas of weakness and potential areas for action to combat money-laundering, tax evasion, foreign bribery, and to identify, freeze and return stolen assets.
Carbon finance in Africa Click to Access:
This paper* was prepared as a background reference document for the APF Special Session on Climate Change in Addis Ababa, 3 September 2009. It reviews institutional and capacity barriers to carbon finance in Africa as well as clean development ...


Gender equality Click to Access:
This table includes data on gender equality, factors reducing women’s quality of life, scale 0 to 1. The table is part of the key tables collection on development.
Making Development Co-operation More Effective Click to Access:
This report - a first snapshot of the state-of-play since Busan commitments of 2011 - takes stock of how far we have come and where urgent challenges lie in making development aid more effective.
Productive Capabilities: An Empirical Investigation of their Determinants Click to Access:
Recent contributions to the growth literature have argued that the structure of an economy, as measured by its productive capabilities, is a key determinant for inter-country differences in development. Productive capabilities have been shown to be highly predictive of future economic growth,...
 Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India 2014
This book contains a medium-term (five-year) economic outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India.