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Climate Resilience in Development Planning Click to Access:
This report discusses the current state of knowledge on how to build climate resilience in developing countries.
Waste Generation and Recycling Click to Access:
There are two serious failures that arise in the management of solid waste. The first relates to the existence of negative externalities in the individual decision-making over waste generation and disposal. When individuals decide on how much to ...


CO2 emissions from fuel combustion Click to Access:
This table includes data on CO2 emissions from fuel combustion data in million tonnes . The table is part of the key tables collection on environment.
OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Colombia 2014 Click to Access:
This report is the first OECD review of Colombia’s environmental performance. It evaluates progress towards sustainable development and green growth, with a focus on waste and chemicals management and policies that promote more effective and...
Environmental Policies and Risk Finance in the Green Sector Click to Access:
Start-up firms play a crucial role in bringing to the market the innovations needed to move to a greener growth path. Risk finance is essential for allowing new ventures to commercialise new ideas and grow, especially in emerging sectors. Still, very little is known about the drivers and the...

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Thematic Video on Environment

Did you know that if we continue business-as-usual, global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will rise by about 70% between now and 2050?