Economic Accounts for Agriculture

Economic Accounts for Agriculture

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Publication Date :
06 Dec 1999
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9789264074262 (PDF) ; 9789264058620 (print)

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Economic Accounts for Agriculture provides detailed information on the place of agriculture in terms of its contribution to a nation's wealth and share in employment; the amount, structure and composition of agricultural production and inputs; the remuneration of production factors; and incomes derived from this activity for the great majority of OECD countries. 

This data set provides a coherent and detailed framework for quantifying agricultural output and its components, intermediate consumption, different value added and income measures, and capital formation.  For easy access and data comparability, this publication is divided into two parts:

  • international tables, presenting data from 1985 up to 1998 for key variables;
  • national tables, providing agricultural accounts in US dollars (converted using Purchasing Power Parities), at current prices and constant 1990 prices, covering the period 1991 to 1997, as well as accounts in the national currency of countries, at current prices, covering the period 1984 to 1997.

This database will be updated later in 2005.  For users who wish to extract data and build graphs and tables, Economic Accounts for Agriculture is also available on line at  The online version provides data from 1973 when available.