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This book, published every two to three years, is designed to give policy makers, researchers, educational leaders, administrators and teachers a robust, non-specialist source to inform strategic thinking and stimulate reflection on the challenges facing education, whether in schools, universities or programmes for older adults.

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Trends Shaping Education 2008

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Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

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02 Sep 2008
9789264046627 (PDF) ;9789264046610(print)

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This new biennial publication presents the latest available information on 26 major current trends in education, grouped in 9 broad themes (ageing, global challenges, the new economic landscape, work and jobs, the learning society, ICT, citizenship and the state, social connections and values, and sustainable affluence). For each trend, there is a two-page spread, containing a short introduction, two figures with accompanying text followed by three key questions about the impact of the trend on the future of education. A dynamic link (StatLink) is provided for each figure, which directs the user to a web page where the corresponding data are available in Excel®.
Also available in French, Dutch, Chinese
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Table of Contents

1. Ageing OECD Societies
-Fewer Children
-Living Longer
-Changing Age Structures
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2. Global Challenges
-Our Crowded Planet
-International Divides of Affluence and Poverty
-Populations on the Move
-Global Environmental Challenges
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3. Towards a New Economic Landscape
-The Global Economy
-Knowledge-Intensive Service Economies
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4. The Changing World of Work and Jobs
-Lives Less Dominated by Work?
-Less Securely Attached to the Labour Market?
-Women at Work
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5. The Learning Society
-Educational Attainment
-Rising Investments in Education
-Global Educational Patterns - Inequalities and Student Flows
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6. ICT: The Next Generation
-The Digital Revolution
-Rising Investments in Education
-Global Educational Patterns - Inequalities and Student Flows
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7. Citizenship and the State
-Changing Forms of Political Participation
-The Role of the Welfare State - Smaller Government?
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8. Social Connections and Values
-Living in More Diverse Families
-Less Social Interaction?
-Evolving Values
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9. Sustainable Affluence?
-Growing Affluence, Growing Energy Consumption
-Inequality on the Rise
-Lifestyles with Health Risks
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