Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women

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Commonwealth Secretariat
01 Jan 1995
9781848595330 (PDF)

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This book examines two topics within the general subject of violence against women – domestic violence and sexual assault. The material reflects the recommendations and suggestions of an Export Group made up of primarily law teachers from seven Commonwealth University Law Schools and is comprised of a combination of legislation, case law and other relevant material.

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Table of Contents



1. The Context of the Problem

a. Nature and Extent of Domestic Violence

b. Explanations for Domestic Violence

c. Crime or Social Issue?

d. The Role of The Police

2. Domestic Violence: The Extent of the Problem

a. Spouse Murder

b. Teaching Violence Against Women

c. Lawyer/Client Relationship

d. Preparation for Court

e. Matters of Evidence

f. The Role of the Court

3. Domestic Violence in Traditional Societies

a. Case Study: East New Britain

b. The Status of Women in Customary Law

4. Types of Responses to Domestic Violence

a. Legal Responses

(i) The Criminal Law

(ii) Matrimonial Relief

(iii) The Civil Law

b. Other Responses

c. What can be done?

(i) Counselling and Therapy Programmes


1. The Social Context

a. Causes and Incidence

b. Attitudes Towards Complainant

c. Police Proceedings, Training and New Approaches in Rape and Sexual Assault Investigation

2. The Legal Definition and Concept of Rape

a. Scope of the Offence

(i) Physical Circumstances

(ii) Should there be a scheme of graded sexual assault

b. Labelling the Crime

c. Sexual Assault within Marriage

d. The Age of the Offender

e. Consent

f. The Accused’s Mental State

3. Procedures

a. Police Procedures

b. Attitudes Evidence

(i) Fresh complaint

(ii) The complainant’s sexual history

(iii) Corroboration

c. Conduct of the Trial

(i) Anonymity

(ii) Juries

4. Sentencing and Rehabilitation

5. An Alternative Approach

6. Sexual Assault on Women in Customary Law