Training of Trainers in Science and Technology Education

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Commonwealth Secretariat
01 Jan 1995
9781848595576 (PDF)

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This collection of monographs provides useful information for educational administrators on the recruitment and training of science and technology teacher educators. It is also a valuable resource for science and technology teacher educators. It aims to improve their pedagogical skills and provides strategies for working with their trainees. Effective delivery of science and technology education requires co-ordination at different levels. These monographs provide guidelines and practical suggestions on achieving co-ordination, both at the teacher training institution and at school level. They were produced by experienced science educators of the region.

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  • Preface

    Many developing countries are striving to provide quality science, technology and mathematics education (STME) as part of basic education in a context of limited resources. The Commonwealth Secretariat's work in STME is in four main areas: training of trainers; scientific and technological literacy for all; measures to enhance the participation of girls and women in science and technology; and training of laboratory technicians.

  • Introduction

    An important aspect of science education reform in the world today is the implementation of science and technology education. Technology bridges science and society, brings relevance to science teaching, and unifies different subjects. It provides approaches to problem solving, relates different subjects to life and helps to link theory and practice.

  • The training needs of science and technology teacher educators

    In most developing countries the provision of a good basic education is a matter of great concern. High quality science and technology education depends on effective and efficient training of teachers. This in turn depends on the quality of the teacher educators.

  • Teaching practice for science and technology education

    The quality of science and technology education in schools depends on the training of teachers which in turn depends upon the quality of teacher educators. However good the curriculum, its aims cannot be achieved if, through inadequate training, teachers lack the confidence to implement it Practical teaching experience in the classroom is a vital part of teacher training.

  • Resources for science and technology teaching and teacher training

    A wide range of resources is available that science and technology teacher educators can use and introduce to their trainees to assist with the teaching and learning process. These include conventional things like tools, equipment and consumable supplies, printed materials and human resources. They also include locally available materials and technologies, thus linking what is being learnt in school with everyday life, and bringing relevance to the teaching of science and technology.

  • Evaluation in science and technology education

    Evaluation is an integral part of the teaching-learning process. Through systematic evaluation procedures science and technology teacher educators can measure the progress of pre-service and in-service teacher trainees in attaining the objectives of teaching programmes. Evaluation also enables teacher educators to measure the effectiveness of their own teaching strategies and methods.

  • Co-ordinating science and technology education

    The current trend towards the provision of a broader general education in schools implies the need for a more cross-curricular approach to education at all levels. In science and technology education, calls for curricula which will produce socially responsible, technologically and scientifically literate citizens, also point in the direction of an interdisciplinary approach.

  • Participating in science and technology education research

    Educational research is the only sound basis for effecting improvements to the educational system. Its practitioners - teacher educators and teachers - are the most important resource in science and technology education. With them lies our best hope of finding solutions to the problems of science and technology education at the primary level in our schools.

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