Partners in Policy

Partners in Policy

Thoughts on national youth policies by participants at the Fourth Diploma Course, CYP Asia-Pacific Centre You do not have access to this content

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Commonwealth Secretariat
01 Jan 1979
9781848592940 (PDF)

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This paper was prepared by the participants of the fourth diploma course in Youth and Development at the CYP Asia-Pacific Centre in India for presentation and discussion at a Commonwealth Meeting on Government Policy on Youth Affairs, held in Chandigarh, 9-13 March 1979. The meeting was attended by 50 representatives of 26 Commonwealth countries, including Ministers and senior officials. Partners in Policy, one of five major presentations, made considerable impact on the Meeting and influenced significantly the formulation of the ten Principles of Youth Policy which form the core of the report recently published by the CYP entitled Government Policy on Youth Affairs.

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  • Foreword

    This document is the product of an international group of youth workers who in their everyday work interact at the grassroots level with young people. In no way are we insulated from the reality of youth in society. What we are insulated from is the opportunity to contribute directly to the policy-making areas of government that relate to youth.

  • The Need for a National Youth Policy

    A policy is an intentional course of action. Governments use policies in allocating resources to competing demands within society. In the absence of political will by governments there will be no National Youth Policy.

  • Scope of a National Youth Policy

    The scope of a National Youth Policy should make provision.

  • Evolving a National Youth Policy

    A National Youth Policy can be formulated only if the National Government wishes to develop such a policy. Although this policy should incorporate the efforts and activities of the non-government sector as well as the government sector, it requires the political commitment of the National Government if it is ever to see the light of day.

  • Role of Commonwealth Youth Programme

    There is a vital role to be played by the Commonwealth Youth Programme. The stated objectives of the Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) are well known as are the various activities at present undertaken under its auspices. We acknowledge the contribution made through these efforts, but suggest certain shifts in the emphasis in line with the call repeated by Commonwealth Youth Affairs Council (CYAC) in both 1976 and 1978, for flexibility to meet the particular needs of individual participating countries, and a variety of activities to meet as many needs as possible.

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