Paper Production

Paper Production

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Commonwealth Secretariat
01 Jan 1978
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  • Introduction

    At the Seventh Commonwealth Education Conference held at Accra in March 1977, Ministers of Education and their senior officials expressed concern about the rising cost of paper which, they feared, could threaten the ability of Commonwealth developing countries to maintain their supplies of textbooks. Hopes were expressed that ways could be found by which these countries could become more self-reliant in meeting their paper requirements, either by utilizing hitherto untapped raw materials for local paper production or by making increased use of recycled waste paper. Accordingly the Commonwealth Secretariat was asked to keep in touch with innovations and experiments in paper and book production technology throughout the world, and to communicate whatever information it obtained to Commonwealth governments.

  • Trends in Paper Prices

    General trends in world paper and board prices are difficult to estimate because of the instability of the market. Prices are affected by national economies and policies and the regional supply and demand situation. It has perhaps been a little easier to see the recent worldwide trend in market pulp prices which have shown a general reduction, brought about by devaluations in the Scandinavian currencies and the current surplus of pulp.

  • Shortage of Paper

    There is no evidence in the literature of any serious shortage of paper. In fact, the reverse is probably true, with most mills working well under capacity.

  • Manufacture of Paper in Developing Countries

    The following review is intended to give guidelines on raw materials which could be used for pulp and paper manufacture in developing countries, particularly in tropical climates.

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