Enhancing Teacher Professionalism and Status

Enhancing Teacher Professionalism and Status

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Kimberly Ochs
15 Jan 2011
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Ensuring that teachers’ professionalism is appropriately recognised and rewarded is a challenge, especially at a time when that professional status itself is often under threat. The Fifth Commonwealth Teachers’ Research Symposium brought together teachers, researchers and education policy-makers to share experiences from developed and developing countries both within and outside the Commonwealth. This research event was a further contribution to ensuring that teachers with professional qualifications of good standard are able to move freely between countries of the Commonwealth and the wider world, having those qualifications and skills recognised and valued.

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Table of Contents


Symposium Statement

Opening of the Symposium

Launch of the Commonwealth Secretariat Publication Fair Trade for Teachers: Transferability of Teacher Qualifications in the Commonwealth by Professor Jonathan Jansen and Dr James Keevy

Opening address from Professor Jonathan Jansen

Symposium Day One

Session 1. Commonwealth Welcome Message and Keynote Address

The Commonwealth message

Introduction of keynote speaker by Dr James Keevy

Keynote address by Professor Jonathan Jansen

Response from Dr Carol Anne Spreen

Discussion and deliberations

Session 2. Researching Teacher Professionalism and Status: The South and Southern African Context

Promoting teacher recognition and status in Southern Africa

Transnational migration, gender and teacher status

The role of the South African Qualifications Authority in the professional qualifications and research context: New opportunities for South African teachers and the South African Council of Educators (SACE) to further improve the professional status of teachers

Discussion and deliberations

Session 3. The Commonwealth Teacher Experience with Professional Status and Recognition in the Context of International Teacher Mobility

Researching Commonwealth teacher qualifications: Some country cases

One teacher’s story – Personal agency and professional development and status in Commonwealth teacher migration

Discussion and deliberations

Economics and education: Labour markets and human capital development in small states

Discussion and deliberations

Symposium Day Two

Review of Day One

Session 4. Research Initiatives in International Teacher Professional Recognition, Qualifications and Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and professional qualifications: the role of UNESCO

Addressing harmonisation of teacher qualifications in the Caribbean region

Importing educators: implications and outcomes of the research for US education

Discussion and deliberations

Session 5. ‘‘Fish bowl’‘ forum theme: Teachers and the future in addressing professional recognition, status and qualifications

Panel 1 – Teacher status and professional recognition

Panel 2 – Teacher qualifications, recognition and comparability



1. Symposium Programme

2. List of Delegates