Commonwealth Case Studies in Citizenship Education

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The books in this series report on the outcomes of project on citizenship education in the selected countries, and provide valuable insights into the strengthening of values in a society. They set out the strategies and actions needed to support small states wishing to promote the values of good citizenship.

A Framework for Citizenship Education in Sierra Leone

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Commonwealth Secretariat
01 Jan 2004
9781848598294 (PDF)

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This book has been written to lay the foundations of a single curriculum framework for citizenship education in Sierra Leone. It is a direct result of a consultative process aimed at complementing and consolidating a number of citizenshiprelated initiatives within and outside government circles in Sierra Leone. The framework it presents looks at some significant and critical themes, and goes on to set parameters and suggest guidelines to ensure its successful implementation.

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  • Foreword

    More than ever before, citizenship education is a compelling priority in our curriculum. The past eleven years of toil and destruction, and our determination never to experience civil strife again, have impelled key stakeholders, including the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the National Commission on Democracy and Human Rights, the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Ministry of Gender and Children's Affairs to come together in active partnership to conceptualise and develop a framework for citizenship education. As a consequence of our experience, i.e. ‘what life has taught us’, we are now striving to sustain the hard-earned peace and build a foundation for a peace that will last.

  • Introduction

    The primary purpose of this document is to lay the basis for the provision of a single Curriculum Framework for Citizenship Education in Sierra Leone. The framework is a direct result of a consultative process aimed at complementing and consolidating a number of citizenship-related initiatives within and outside government circles in Sierra Leone, in the context of the post-conflict reconstruction efforts led by national and international agencies, including the Commonwealth Secretariat.

  • Context

    The purpose of this chapter is to lay a solid foundation for the contextualisation of the rationale for the development of Sierra Leone's citizenship education. In doing so, the report identifies two particular periods – during and after the civil war. Every attempt is made to avoid rewriting the history of the Sierra Leone conflict, but emphasis is placed upon appropriate selected themes.

  • Rationale

    Building on the situation described in Chapter 2, this chapter of the report attempts to set the need for citizenship education in Sierra Leone in the context of the work of the many advocates of citizenship education in the country, the Constitution and Sierra Leone's new education policy. It is therefore presented as a crystallisation of these.

  • Theoretical Framework

    The basis for the development of a theoretical framework for citizenship education in Sierra Leone has been set out in Chapter 3 by identifying a number of very fundamental principles and values which Sierra Leoneans aspire to.

  • The Curriculum

    As has been described above, Sierra Leoneans have made a first attempt at defining the content of citizenship education. This chapter attempts to crystallise the work undertaken by many initiatives currently underway in the country.

  • Teaching Strategies

    This chapter deals with some of the educational strategies/methodologies worthy of consideration by Sierra Leoneans as they grapple with challenges of implementing citizenship education across the primary school system.

  • Teacher Development and Support

    The point has already been made that many curriculum innovations live or die depending upon the type and quality of support given to their users, namely, teachers.

  • Delivery Modes

    This document recommends that citizenship education be delivered through a differentiated and yet centrally-co-ordinated strategy. This bold step is taken despite recognition of the many options, including the retention of the current status quo, which is anti-developmental, and encourages nothing but the mushrooming of personal and organisational agendas and the spreading thinly of scarce resources across many, short-term initiatives.

  • Challenges

    There are many challenges associated with the proposed framework. It is not possible to discuss and assess all of them here. Nevertheless, it is hoped that the following issues will be appreciated and understood as the most crucial.

  • Conclusion

    This report has laid a solid foundation for Sierra Leone to produce a final citizenship education content that is truly Sierra Leonean, that will be embraced by all citizens through their varied formations and that will be the basis for a long-term and sustainable citizenship programme for the country.

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