The Commonwealth Factbook 1992

The Commonwealth Factbook 1992

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Commonwealth Secretariat
01 Jan 1992
9781848594975 (PDF)
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  • The Commonwealth Factbook

    The Commonwealth is an association of independent countries which have decided to work together to advance the interests of their peoples, and to help build a better world.

  • Member countries

    Comprises Antigua, Barbuda and Redonda group of Leeward Islands lying latitude 17°N longitude 61°W in Eastern Caribbean. W Antigua basically volcanic rock rising to 399 m at Boggy Peak. E and N mostly low-lying limestone areas less than 150 m above sea level.

  • Associated states, external territories and dependencies

    Most northerly of Leeward island group of Lesser Antilles chain, in E Caribbean latitude 18°N longitude 63°W, lying 112 kms NW of St Kitts. A flat, dry coralline island with low shrub, about 26 kms long and 5 kms at widest point. Neighbouring islands: St Martin to S, St Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda to SE, Virgin Islands to W.

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