The Costs of Managing Fisheries

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24 Feb 2003
9789264099777 (PDF) ;9789264099753(print)

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In an era of declining budgets, governments are seeking more efficient and cost-effective means of delivering fisheries services. These developments raise a number of significant policy questions. How much do governments spend on managing fisheries? Who pays for the fisheries management services? Who actually delivers the services? How effective are the services in meeting their objectives? These questions are addressed in this report which examines the costs of managing fisheries in OECD countries

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
I. Synthesis Report
-A Framework for Understanding Fisheries Services Costs
-Overview of Fisheries Services Costs in OECD Countries
-Linking Management Frameworks and Fisheries Services Costs
II. Country Notes
-European Union
-New Zealand
-United States
III. Case Studies
-Canada: Area 19 Snow Crab
-Japan: Tuna Fisheries
-Japan: Effects of Fishery Management on Fishery Economy
-Korea: Marine Ranching Programme

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