OECD Review of Agricultural Policies

1990-004X (online)
1990-0058 (print)
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These reviews present a comprehensive overview and assessment of subject countries’ agricultural policies combined with OECD estimates of the level of support provided to their farm sectors. They also examine such issues as welfare impacts of liberalisation; agricultural commodity markets; grain stock estimates; labour and food safety.

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OECD Review of Agricultural Policies: Romania 2000

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29 Sep 2000
9789264187825 (PDF) ;9789264176737(print)

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This study of Romania’s agricultural policies analyses developments from the dramatic events of December 1989 to the present day preparations for accession to the European Union. The Review evaluates key structural issues and examines emerging policy developments in agricultural reform. It includes detailed estimates of support to agriculture, using the OECD’s Producer and Consumer Support Estimates (PSEs/CSEs). A special assessment measures the environmental performance of Romanian agriculture, including the nitrogen balance, against OECD-developed environmental indicators. The report concludes that a key priority for Romania is to remove constraints that impede the flow of labour from agriculture into activities with a higher value-added. Increasing the economic efficiency of the food chain as a whole is essential to enhance Romania’s competitiveness and improve the terms of trade for agricultural producers during the run-up to its EU accession and thereafter.
Also available in French
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Table of Contents

Summary and Conclusions
-The Economic and Agricultural Environment
-International Trade Relations
-Agro-Food Restructuring
-Agricultural Policies
-Support to Agriculture
-Conclusions and Policy Recommendations
Part 1. Economic and Agricultural Environment
-General Aspects
-Agricultural Situation
Part II. Agro-Food Foreign Trade
-Trade Flows
-Trade Relations
Part III. Privatisation and Structural Change in the Agro-Food Sector
-Land Ownership in Romania, Historical Overview
-The Process of Land and Agrarian Reform
-Privatisation in the Upstream and Downstream Sectors
Part IV. Agricultural and Food Policy Objectives and Measures
-Agricultural Policy Framework
-Price and Income Support Measures
-Foreign Trade Measures
-Reduction of Input Costs
-Infrastructural Measures
-Rural Development Policy
-Social Measurers
-Environmental Measures
-Consumer Measures
-Overall Budgetary Outlays on Agro-Food Policies
Part V. Evaluation of Support to Agriculture
-Aggregate Results
-Exchange Rate Sensitivity
-Decomposition Analysis of Support
-Analysis of Support by Commodity
Annex 1. Enviornmental Performance of Romanian Agriculture During the Transition: Selected Environmental Indicators
Annex 2. Assistance to Romanian Agriculture
Tables for Calculation of Estimates for Support to Agriculture- Definitions and Sources

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