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02 Sep 2003
9789264104532 (PDF) ;9789264104518(print)

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This report attempts to guide policy-makers to the best possible decisions taking account of the multifunctional character of agriculture. Policy-makers and analysts are supplied with a series of detailed questions which will help determine whether government intervention is required and, if so, what the nature of that intervention should be. Recognising that the information needs can be considerable, the report suggests procedures to be adopted when the data are unavailable or unreliable.

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Structure and Underlying Principle
III. Operationalising the Analytical Framework
IV. Policy Options from an Efficiency Perspective
V. The Policy Implications of Missing Information
VI. Equity, Stability, and International Spill-Over Effects
VII. Conclusions and Policy Implications
Annex 1. Flow Charts
Annex 2. Guidelines for Incorporating Quality Difference of NCOs
Annex 3. Sub-Questions/Guidelines for NCOs Not Covered in the Main Text
Annex 4. Efficiency Loss Associated with Tariff

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