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Fisheries include marine capture and aquaculture; they supply the world with fish, mollusks and crustaceans. Fisheries as well as ancillary activities also provide livelihoods and income. The fishery sector contributes to development and growth in many countries, playing an important role for food security, poverty reduction, employment and trade. The effect of climate change on fish stocks will have social and economic impact on fisheries and coastal communities.

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Keywords:  aquaculture, fisheries, fishing

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Fisheries support is defined as the financial transfers from governments to the fisheries. The support consists of direct revenue enhancing transfers (direct payments), transfers that reduce the operating costs, and the costs of general services provided to the fishing industry. These general services consist mainly of fishery protection services and fisheries management. In some cases, they also include the costs of local area weather forecasting and the costs of navigation and satellite surveillance systems designed to assist fishing fleets. This indicator is presented as a total and per type of support, and is measured in USD. Support for R&D is measured as a share of total fisheries support.

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Keywords:  government financial transfers to fisheries, fisheries support, fisheries subsidies
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