Biomass and Agriculture

Biomass and Agriculture

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06 Sep 2004
9789264105546 (PDF) ;9789264105553(print)

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These are the proceedings of the OECD Workshop on Biomass and Agriculture held in June 2003. The Workshop covered two broad themes: the contribution of agricultural biomass to sustainability; and the policy approaches for developing agricultural biomass. The book proposes a wealth of material relating to agricultural biomass, bio energy and biomaterials in OECD countries. It is hoped that this will contribute to the current and future debate on agricultural biomass, particularly in the context of agricultural policy reform and the advancement of policies for sustainable development.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
-Agriculture, Biomass, Sustainability and Policy: An Overview by Kevin Parris, OECD, France
-Biomass, Bioenergy and Biomaterials: Future Prospects by Ralph E.H. Sims, Massey University, New Zealand
-Energy from Biomass: a Promising Option for a Future Sustainable Energy System by Josef Spitzer, Joanneum Research, Austria
-An Overview of Biomaterials by Melvyn F. Askew, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, United Kingdom
Part I: Biomass and Agriculture: Economic, Environmental, and Social Dimensions
-The Triple Bottom Line Benefits of Bioenergy for the Community by Ralph E.H. Sims, Massey University, New Zealand
-International Energy Agency (IEA) Biofuels Study – Interim Report: Results and Key Messages So Far by Lew Fulton, International Energy Agency (IEA), France
-The Brazilian Ethanol Programme – Impacts on World Ethanol and Sugar Markets by Tatsuji Koizumi, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Italy
-The Possibility of Agricultural Biomass Utilisation in Japan by Yukihiko Matsumura, Hiroshima University, Japan
-Energy Crops in Flemish Agriculture: Possibilities and Limits by Frank Nevens, Visi Garcia Cidad, Dirk Reheul and Erik Mathijs, Flemish Policy Research Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, Belgium
-A Framework for Evaluating the Environmental Impact of Biofuel Use by Jane Feehan and Jan-Erik Petersen, European Environment Agency (EEA), Denmark
-Utilisation of Grass for Production of Fibres, Protein, and Energy by Stefan Grass, Biomass Project Services, Switzerland
-Linking Bioenergy with Carbon Storage: a Sequential Decision Approach to the Threat of Abrupt Climate Change by Peter Read, Massey University, New Zealand
-The Effects of Bioenergy Crops on Farmland Birds in the United Kingdom – A Review of Current Knowledge and Future Predictions by G.Q.A. Anderson, L.R. Haskins and S.H. Nelson, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, United Kingdom
-Powerswitch! The Role of Bioelectricity in the Future of Sustainable Energy by Giulio Volpi, WWF, Belgium; and Thomas Cross, XYLOWATT sa, Belgium
-Harvesting Energy with Fertilisers by Christian Pallière, European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association, Belgium, representing the International Fertilizer Industry Association
-Potential for Agricultural Biomass to Produce Bioenergy in the Czech Republic by Sergej Ustak and Marie Ustaková, Research Institute of Crop Production, Czech Republic
-Emissions from Biogas Plants in Austria by Werner Pölz and Gerhard Zethner, Federal Environment Agency Ltd., Austria
-Biogas Production from Pig Slurry in Korea by Jong-sik Lee, Woo-kyun Park, Dong-gyu Im and Mun-hwan Kho, National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (NIAST), Republic of Korea
-Integrated Renewable Energy Farms for Sustainable Development in Rural Communities by Nasir El Bassam, Integrated Research Centre for Renewable Energy (IFEED), Germany
-Small-sized Commercial Bioenergy Technologies as an Instrument of Rural Development by Giuliano Grassi, European Biomass Industry Association (EUBIA), Belgium; Gianluca Tondi, ETA Renewable Energies, Italy; and Peter Helm, WIP-Munich, Germany
-A Global Bioenergy Network and its Impact on OECD Countries by Rainer Janssen, WIP-Renewable Energies/(LAMNET), Germany; Peter Helm, WIP-Munich, Germany; Angela Grassi, ETA Renewable Energies, Italy; Giuliano Grassi, European Biomass Industry Association (EUBIA), Belgium; J.R. Moreira, Centro National de Referência em Biomassa (CENBIO), Brazil; and O. Masera, Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México, Mexico
-Agriculture and Renewable Resource Chains in Wallonia, Belgium by Didier Marchal, ValBiom, Belgium; and Yves Schenkel, Centre de recherches agronomiques de Gembloux (CRA), Belgium
-Key Factors for the Successful Market Development of Bioenergy – Experiences from Austria by Christian Rakos, Austrian Environment Agency, Austria
Part II: Biomass and Agriculture: Policy Approaches, Impacts, and Options
-European Commission Policies for the Promotion of Bioenergy by Kyriakos Maniatis, European Commission, Belgium
-Renewable Raw Materials and European Union Research Policy by Ciaran Mangan, European Commission, Belgium; and Jim Coombs, BioMatNet, c/o CPL Press, United Kingdom
-Biomass from Agriculture: the Viewpoint of European Farmers by Horst Jauschnegg, Austrian Biomass Association, on behalf of the International Federation of Agricultural Producers, Austria
-Austrian Policy Approaches Towards Biomass in Agriculture by Valerie Zacherl, Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, Austria
-Bioenergy Policies and Tools in Belgium by Yves Schenkel and Romain Crehay, Centre de recherches agronomiques de Gembloux (CRA), Belgium
-Agricultural Biomass in Greece: Current and Future Trends by M. Mardikis, A. Nikolaou, N. Djouras and C. Panoutsou, Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES), Greece
-Long-term Perspective of the Use of Biomass for Energy in Hungary as a Part of the European Union Accession Procedure by Károly Kocsis, St. Stephen’s University, Hungary
-Review of Current Policy Approaches Towards Bioenergy Production from Agriculture in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland: A Perspective from the Irish BioEnergy Association by Michael Doran, Irish BioEnergy Association, and Rural Generation Ltd., United Kingdom
-Favourable Policy Conditions to the Development of Biogas Production as a Sustainable Form of Energy in Luxembourg by Gérard Conter, Ministry of Agriculture, Luxembourg
-Bioenergy and Agriculture: the Norwegian Policy Perspective by Frode Lyssandtrae, Ministry of Agriculture, Norway
-State of the Art of Bioenergy in Poland – Barriers and Opportunities by M. Rogulska, A. Oniszk-Poplawska, M. Pisarek and G. Wisniewski, EC Baltic Renewable Energy Centre and Centre of Excellence and Competence in Renewable Energy in Poland, Poland
-Conditions for Increased Market Penetration of Short Rotation Coppice for Energy Purposes in Sweden by Björn Telenius and Paul Westin, Swedish Energy Agency, Sweden
-Biomass Use and Potential in Turkey by F. Taner, I. Ardic, B. Halisdemir and E. Pehlivan, University of Mersin, Turkey
-United Kingdom Government Energy Policy: Aims and Support for Sustainable Energy Production by Melvyn F. Askew, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, United Kingdom
-The Canadian Situation – Biomass and Agriculture by Dave Tupper, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canada
-United States Support for the Agricultural Production of Biomass: The Challenge of Integrating Energy, Agricultural, Environmental and Economic Policies by Terry Nipp, AESOP Enterprises, Ltd., United States
-A Vision and Roadmap for the Bioeconomy in Iowa (United States) by Jill Euken, Iowa State University, United States
-Genencor and the Biobased Economy of the Future: an International Biotechnology Company’s Perspective on Biomass and Agriculture by Jack Huttner, Genencor International, United States
-The Australian Approach to Biomass by Richard Sisson, Minister-Counsellor, Delegation of Australia to the OECD, France
-The New Zealand Policy Approach to Enhance Bioenergy by Ralph E.H. Sims, Massey University, New Zealand
-Biomass Nippon Strategy in Japan – Why "Biomass Nippon" Now? by Yasuhiko Kurashige, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan

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