Agricultural Finance and Credit Infrastructure in Transition Economies

Agricultural Finance and Credit Infrastructure in Transition Economies

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06 Oct 1999
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How to develop an effective and sustainable agricultural and rural finance system in a climate of accumulated debts, insolvency of the majority of agricultural enterprises, low profitability of agricultural production, and an unstable macro-economic situation - How to create a banking system that services agriculture and is adapted to diverse farm structures - How to introduce alternative financial and credit institutions and mechanisms - How to establish contractual arrangements between primary agriculture and the up- and downstream sectors - What should be the role of governments in establishing such systems?

These are some of the issues addressed in the proceedings of the OECD expert meeting: "Agricultural Finance and Credit Infrastructure in Transition Economies", held in Moscow in February 1999. The meeting brought together over 200 policy-makers, government officials, independent

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Kumiharu Shigehara
Acronyms, Symbols and Abbreviations
Session I. Setting the Stage: Overview of Agricultural Finance in Transition Economies
Results of the Previous "Expert Meeting on Agricultural Finance in Transition Economies" by Fujiki Hayashi
-Situation in the Banking System and in Financial Markets in Russia and Selected Countries in Transition by Douglas Sutherland
-Preconditions for Sustainable Agricultural Finance and Credit Systems by J. D. Von Pischke
-Agricultural Finance and Institutional Reforms in Transition Economies by Johan Swinnen
-Agricultural Finance and Institutional Reforms in Romania by Camelia Serbanescu
-Status and Prospects of Creating a Favourable Investment Climate in the Agroindustrial Complex of Russia by Victor Khlystun
Session II: Banking for the Agricultural Sector
Banking for the Agricultural Sector in OECD Countries: Perspectives from the United States Experience by Marvin Duncan
-Case Study: New Zealand, Commercial Banking and the Agricultural Sector - Lessons from Economic Restructuring by Neil Gow
-Conditions for Creating a Farm Credit System by Andre Neveu
-The Groundwork for Agricultural Cooperative Finance in a Transition Economy by Shinji Kawai
-Rural Banking in Emerging Markets: Can It Work? by Jean-Jacques Deschamps
-Prospects for the Participation of Commercial Banks in Providing Credit to the Agriculture and Food Sectors in Russia in View of the Financial Crisis by Jury Trushin
Session III: Complementary Commercial Credit Schemes in the Agricultural Sector
Leasing, Trade Credit and Commoditiy Financing in OECD Countries by Glenn Pederson
-The Impact of FDI in the Downstream Sector on Agricultural Finance, Investment, and Production: Evidence from the CEEC by Hamish Gow
-The Impactof FDI in the Upstream and Downstream Sectors on Investment in Agriculture in the NIS by Christian Foster
-Practice and Problems of Agricultural Crediting by Private Food Market Operators by Arkadiy Zlochyevskiy
-Grain Receipts in Economies in Transition: An Introduction to Financing of Warehouse Receipts by Eusebio Martin
-Agricultural Insurance in a Transition Economy by Jerry Skees
Session IV: Credit Subsidies and Credit Guarantees in Agriculture
Preferential Credits in Countries in Transition from the Perspective of a Commercial Bank by Gerard Van Empel
-Credit Support Schemes Provided by the Support and Guarantee Fund for Farmers and Forestry in the Czech Republic by Tomas Doucha
-The Agricultural Credit Guarantee System in Japan by Takao Yurugi
-The Activities of the Rural Credit Guarantee Foundation in Hungary by Aniko Ulrich
-Agricultural Loan Guarantee Fund for Nizhny Novgorod Oblast: Key Design Issues by Vera Matusevich
Country Notes
-Belarus by Teresa Degtyareva
-Brazil by Marcelo Guimaraes
-Bulgaria by Experts from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Agrarian Reform (MAFR) and State Fund for Agriculture
-China by Shaojun Yang
-Croatia by Vesna Matijasevic
-Estonia by Katrin Noorkoiv
-Indonesia by Dibyo Prabowo
-Kazakhstan by Muratbek Takambayev
-Slovak Republic by Zuzana Chrastinova

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